Guest Speakers for your event at The Kia Oval

Whether you are planning a conference, a annual party or an intimate roundtable session, hiring the right keynote speaker is vital for making a good impression on attendees and accomplishing the goals of your gathering.

Typical Keynote Speaker Duties

In general, a keynote speaker’s job is to present on a topic that reflects the overall theme of an event. His or her speech serves as the highlight of the gathering, uniting attendees and provoking interest in its main cause. Using personal anecdotes, statistics, and empowering calls-to-action, keynote speakers encourage listeners to take a vested interest in a particular issueor situation and contribute their time and resources toward improving it.

Benefits For Your Business

Choosing a keynote speaker who is accomplished in his profession can promote your organisation’s image as a reputable source of valuable information. Invitees who are interested in seeing the speaker will have extra incentive to attend your event, as they have a chance to meet a well-known professional whom they admire.

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Prices start from a competitive £2000+ vat per speaker

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