Our Sustainability Booklet
Driving Environmental Practices 

Our Sustainable Objectives

We truly believe that sustainability should be at the heart of what we do. We only get one world to live in – so we should look after it!

We believe that, as part of the wider world, we should act in the most responsible and sustainable manner. This has become part of our ethos as a club and a business; to ensure we are holding ourselves accountable we have set ourselves objectives in the form of KPIs to assess our progress throughout the year. These KPIs are:

  • Successful introduction of compostable waste streams throughout the ground
  • Continue eradication of single use plastic
  • Reduce our carbon footprint and continue to innovate in green areas
  • Communicate our goals to fans and guests while leading the sports sustainability agenda.

These KPIs have been included in our Annual Strategic Document, communicated with all of our staff and put into the public domain to ensure we are held responsible for these.

All of our KPIs are assessed quarterly and will be reissued annually.

We understand the challenges faced by event organisers, guests and staff in the pursuit of sustainability and have put in place initiatives and practices to help everyone make sustainable choices.

Below are just some of the initiatives we are undertaking:
  • Using an Orca – Our Food waste is fed into the ORCA machine, which slowly ‘digests’ it, allowing it to be disposed of in liquid form through existing drainage. For one month, this allowed us to divert 1.2tns of food, saving 1.14tns of greenhouse gases, 0.84kg of methane and 1,275 litres of diesel
  • Making food onsite that would otherwise come in non-recyclable packaging;
  • Removing disposable plastic from our retail, hospitality and C&E areas
  • Reducing the quantity of printing we are doing by moving our internal meetings to tablets and ensuring all paper is recycled where possible or FSC certified
  • Introducing our own refillable still and sparking water bottles to reduce both glass and water wastage
  • Having a green energy tariff and supplementing this with our onsite Solar Panels
  • Ensuring there is no palm oil in our food
  • At least 40% of our menus are plant-forward, with a focus on only seasonal fruit and vegetables.
  • At least 80% of ingredients are to be British grown
  • Reducing the quantity of red meat used in our food
  • Offering soya and almond milk as a more sustainable alternative to cow’s milk
  • Moving towards being completely single use plastic free across the entire ground
  • Putting 3 stream recycling points in all rooms to help delegates make positive sustainable choices
  • Increasing the default setting on our Aircon units to ensure we are not using unnecessary electricity
  • Working closely with Friends of the Earth to ensure we are being as sustainable as possible.

Our Future Plans

As well as our current KPIs and the initiatives we are currently undertaking, below are just a few of the initiatives we are exploring:

  • Aiming for less than 5% general waste
  • Converting all our used cooking oil and coffee granules into Bio Diesel
  • The installation of solar panels on the Roof of the JM Finn stand
  • Work towards zero direct pollutants to water
  • Partner with charities to ensure excess food is redistributed
  • Exploring ways to reach net zero GHG emissions
  • Look to partner with other companies to work towards being completely single use plastic free

Green Tourism

We are proud holders of a Silver Green Tourism award. The awarding company, Green Tourism, says award winners demonstrate commitment towards:

  • People: Investing and improving the local community
  • Places: Serving the local economy through genuine experiences and commitment to sourcing produce sustainably and ethically
  • Planet: Committing to a low carbon future and finding new ways to reducing their carbon footprint
Learn more at the Green Tourism Website


An industry standard accreditation, awarded to hotels and meeting venues that can demonstrate an eco-friendly service approach in five key areas:

  1. Energy and Water Conservation
  2. Waste Management & Recycling
  3. Rooms and Facilities
  4. Food and Beverage
  5. Corporate and Social Responsibility
Learn more at the Greengage Website
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