Although the last year was been a shocker for the events industry all that unknown feeling was compounded entirely into the last 2-3 months.

Yes, we all did see it coming but there was unfounded optimism in the air when the tier system came in – meetings for 30 people in all tiers and 1000 people indoors- amazing! Then it came to a grounding halt!

A 3rd national lock down was an inevitability as this awful virus snuck silently into more people’s lives and the repercussions the events industry was no less profound than the first or second. We had been looking at events in January and beyond. Contacting people across the industry, suppliers, and clients alike, discussing best practices and seeing what was possible. We then had to reassess, again.

However, unlike lock downs past, there is a distinct light at the end of this tunnel, not just for the eternal optimist, a vaccine breathes new hope into a creative and resilient industry. It seems people are ready to down Zoom, Google Meet-up, and Teams and be in the same room as their colleagues and our industry is here to meet those requests.

So, we are all looking to March and April, seeing beyond the now, to the when! We believe it will start with the need to build our business communities with company off sites for smaller numbers. bringing together people to regroup and realign as one. Then, by Summer, outdoor parties will be on the cards to herald in a new era and say goodbye to the worse of the pandemic.

At this point conferences will be on the table and more importantly, there will be a chance to be in the same room with all our colleagues, old and new, who have, for some, have been sorely missed, or for others, been the people they have spoken to most throughout this turbulent time, their small sense of normality in extraordinary times.

Now we just have to wait three more days and we can hopefully breathe new life this wonderful, resilient industry!


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